Who We Are

Metis builds the skills of business teams to solve real world problems using data.

At Metis, we believe your company’s ability to distinguish itself through better value to customers, employees, and stakeholders all ties back to how intelligently and efficiently its employees leverage data. This is why we offer best-in-class data science and analytics courses specially developed for business teams to tackle real-life problems.

Whether you need to expand the capabilities of your data science and analytics teams with Python and Machine Learning, or support a data-driven culture through data literacy at scale, Metis has you covered.

Our Live Online format allows us to offer unmatched flexibility. Our courses are taught by seasoned senior data scientists. As a part of Kaplan, our teaching is rooted in learning science to ensure knowledge retention. In other words, we will ensure that employees with every level, skillset, and function at your company can confidently apply modern tools and technology to their real-world business problems and ultimately make better business decisions.

Content and Resources

CASE STUDY: Metis creates a 2-week mini bootcamp for a Fortune 500 Financial Services Firm

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CASE STUDY: Metis trains CMA Consulting on Python

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VIDEO: Metis Corporate Training Data Literacy Course

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