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Welcome to the business of certainty

With information on more than 400 million companies, we are the resource for company data – especially data on private companies. 

Bureau van Dijk captures and treats private company information for better decision making and increased efficiency. Using our solutions, you can interpret data quickly, and help automate and centralize much of your research. 

Our unique identifiers and bespoke matching/de-duping and data enhancing services mean you can create links between disparate datasets across your organization and create single views from data silos.

We also offer a wide range of data integration options and apps so you can seamlessly refresh, maintain and enrich your in-house data systems.

Data enrichment content includes:

  • Detailed financials
  • Financial strength data and other risk metrics
  • Extensive corporate structures
  • B2B sales and marketing intelligence 
  • Company verification details

Our flagship database, Orbis, was named “Best Entity Data Solution” at the 2020 Data Management Awards for the third year in a row and “Best Data Solution for KYC” at the 2020 RegTech Insight Awards for the second consecutive year. 

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